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Really responsive.

I switched over to Austin Vestors because Jeff was so much more personable and he got back to me immediately to answer any questions I had. I definitely recommend them. They have made my experience really easy and stress free.

Sarah S.

My wife and I have been renting out a couple of properties for several years using a different property management company.

Due to a long laundry list of issues with our old property manager, the most important of which being unbelievably poor responsiveness, we finally cut her loose. One of our properties had been sitting on the market for about two months and our old property manager was actually a hindrance to getting it leased out given the fact that her average response time to anything was about 36 hours on the occasions she actually responded. After finding and hiring Jeff to become our new manager, we had the house re-listed with AustinVestors and within two days, Jeff found us a good tenant that has signed up for a two-year lease. While we've only been working with Jeff now for a week, his ability to get our property leased out quickly was very impressive. I'm looking forward to finally having a property manager that actually properly manages.

James H.

Great property management!

I rented a townhouse with them. They repaired things when needed, replied quickly and followed up, and returned my deposit timely when I moved out. Would definitely recommend renting property with AustInVestors!

Lisa B.

Excellent overall service: good management of our property, timely communication and effective response to requests/events.

Philippe Pfister

This will be year 3 in an Austin Vestors property.

Response time for maintenance has been excellent. The prior company we leased from was horrible on taking care of the property. It's refreshing to know if something needs repaired they will get it done. We asked for some upgrades as we signed the lease for the third year, not keeping hopes up at the time, they actually approved the upgrades. Including new flooring and paint inside and out. This truly sets them aside from the large corporate type companies. Definitely recommend them if your in the market for a rental. Thanks Mark H

Mark H.

So far my experience has been pretty positive with them.

They respond quickly to emails and voicemails and their online portals make managing your home pretty easy. I will update this post if anything changes, however from the application process to now 1 week post move-in it has been a positive experience.

Austin Alexander

AustinVestors has been my property managers for 1.

5 years, and after 10 years of service from other, lesser companies, they have been a godsend. I never have to worry about issues getting resolved, and they contact me just the right amount: letting me know about big issues and quietly resolving the small ones. I look forward to them being my property managers for many years to come.

Shawn Lauzon

My former property management was taken over by AustinVestors a few years ago and, initially, I was a little hesitant about a working with a new company that I had not chosen for myself.

I no longer have those hesitations because they have been very attentive to all of my concerns and requests. I am especially grateful that they worked with me at the start of the covid-19 challenge and continue to assist me by whatever means that they are able to. Every employee that I have spoken with has been very professional and more than gracious! I greatly appreciate them and recommend them highly!

Grace Franco

We have had nothing but good experience with this company.

From starting with Forrest E leasing our house to Mindy Q for any maintenance issues that have occurred. Thank you!

Pat T.

The team at AustinVestors was amazing when my wife and I were looking for a house to rent while moving from Georgia to Texas.

Answered my hundreds of questions quickly, provided me with everything I needed, and was very flexible with us during our crazy move.

Justin Fordham

Smooth, good and very steady service, I enjoy the service for 7 years already and even when there is issues with tenants, Jeff and his team always solve it , quick and smooth, highly recommended!

David Levy

I have lived in many different areas of the country, and therefore felt with a lot of different management companies.

Going into my current rental I was dreading dealing with yet another management company, however the process with Austinvestors was completed pain free. They were very informative and answered all questions that I had. Since moving in I have been able to use their portal to pay my rent, again pain free. I have had to place 1 work order when a storm came through...their response time was fantastic and it was repaired correctly the first time! Austinvestors even followed up to make sure I was satisfied with the repair. I would recommend this company any time!

Jack W.

Thank you to Kira at Round Rock who helped facilitate the difficult processes of moving out even though it was outside of her normal duties.

We received our full deposit back. Thank you to Kira and the team.

Geoffrey Prezkuta

I just wanted to share my experiences renting from AustinVestors.

Their lease was very clear and easy to understand. When I did have a couple of questions I called their office and was able to reach a person every time. Since I have been a tenant I find their online portal very useful in paying my is actually pain free. I have had to put in one work order since living here. The issue was taken care quickly and correctly, they even followed up afterward to make sure I was happy with the repairs. I really would recommend AustinVestors to tenants also to landlords looking for a management company. I have rented from big box management companies in the past and was left with a bad taste in my mouth. AustinVestors has given me a new outlook on what a well run management company looks like.

Lee Wiltsey

If you need a property manager in Austin, look no further than Jeff and his team.

My prior manager was absolutely horrendous, not telling me about damages and failing to do annual inspections that eventually costed me thousands in repairs and lost rent. Jeff has always been transparent in communications and have allowed us to focus on other things while we continue to build equity in Austin. Highly recommend!!

George L.

Great team.

I purchased a home with AustinVestors and within a week we had it rented at our initial list price.

Andrew Sheppard

If you are an owner seeking a management company, I highly recommend AustinVestors!

Deirdre Randolph

AustinVestors has made leasing my apartment for the first time easy and hassle free.

Sarah Spaid

My family and I just moved into a property managed by AustinVestors and we have been extremely pleased with the entire process.

Their professionalism is exceptional and they have addressed any issue we had promptly and with quick resolve. I am especially impressed with our assistant property manager, Mayra and how great she has been with communication and handling all of our questions and concerns. She is always positive, courteous, and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy in our new home. They have really streamlined the entire process and our experience with them will make me think twice about ever renting from a private landlord again.

Kelli L.

Jeff and his team are wonderful at organizing, managing, and communicating to ensure a professional experience.

Great team!

Adam Antoniewicz

Cameron has gone above and beyond for us.

When the owner of a property we were interested in had requested no cats, he reached out to the owner on my behalf just to ask if they may have changed their mind or be willing to. Unfortunately, the owners were allergic so hey, no problem! I am still just grateful to have someone who was willing to do that extra thing for us.

Ashlee Heller

I have had a pretty Solid run with Jeff though the last two years.

He's had stuff to deal with a has kept me in the loop as much or a little as I need to be. He's managed my mothers condo off Far West Blvd for us. I'll get an occasional email here there requisitioning permission or giving an explanation for expenses. His team came recommended by my accountant and he has delivered. I really haven't had to burn any cycles on some fairy time consuming stuff. So thanks guys!

Ephry K.

AustinVestors has been great to us.

We experienced a brief challenging time through COVID and we were able to have really open dialogue and work together to stay on track with payments. They've always been really responsive and friendly. Nothing more we could ask for.

Donovan Owens

Very responsive to any questions!

Amanda Ludwig

I've been using AustinVestors for property management for over a year now and have been very impressed throughout the process - from getting the house ready to lease, finding a tenant, being responsive both to me and the tenant, transparent monthly reporting and yearly summary.

Everyone I've interacted with at AustinVestors has been great, and they have good processes, looking forward to continue working with them.

Jorge Arguelles

Jeff and his staff have done an excellent job in working with me as a partner to ensure that my property is properly maintained, and that tenant expectations and needs are satisfied.

Best possible scenario in owning and managing a property from a distance. Would highly recommend to any out of state investor to contact Jeff for these types of services.

Randy C.

It's easy to approach AustinVestors Property Management .

The solutions to all our issues have been provided quickly

Shibani Gupta

AustinVestors managed my investment property for over 10 years.

I could not be happier with the professionalism and service they provided. They are responsive, communicative, fair, honest, and they buy very well with their vendors. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future!

Bryan Zander

I'm a Realtor and needed to coordinate with AustinVestors to get one of their lease properties sold.

They have been extremely helpful and have made the process seamless. So refreshing when we can all work well together for the benefit of our clients!

Christina R.

AustinVestors has been great.

I've had a couple issues here and there with the house that I am renting. And they have always been very responsive and great to work with. Mindy has been especially helpful in several situations. For example. We have an issue with the main sewage line being blocked up. Austinvestors was on top of their game and had plumbers out there the same day to get it resolved as soon as possible. You guys are awesome!

Canyon Franzetti

We are a family of 4 that is nervously moving across country, in a pandemic and won't be seeing our new home until we move.

We finally found a home that AustinVestors manages. I have been overly stressed because we cannot get to our home until 3 weeks after we take possession. I asked Kylie and Anthony if they would mind popping into our place half way through the first month of our lease to make sure everything is okay prior to us getting there. This is not a normal thing that they do once they give you possession of the home. Kylie and Anthony went above and beyond to reassure me that they would do a quick walk through to make sure the home is "extra" ready for us once we make the 26 hour journey! We can't wait to get to our new home and we are confident that it will be well taken care of by AustinVestors!

Shari Landa

So, been renting from AustinVestors for a long bit of time.

.. and up until my last maintenance visit I never EVER thought to write a review, but apparently it's the new thing! So I'm hopping on the compliment train and writing this here review! I cannot believe the endless amount of curiosity I received, by each individual I dealt with. The response time was very minimal and the issue was fixed. It then occurred to me, I'm sure they don't get the credit they deserve on a regular basis, so I thought I'd leave a review well deserved! AustinVestors, y'all rock! I cant thank you enough for A+ customer service!

Kristi Queen

We almost got our full deposit back.

They respond to maintenance inquiry very fast. They have an easy to use portal to manage all your inquiries. They don't have a call center, which means that they answer your calls very quickly, no waiting on the line.

Khaled Awad

The greatest property management company ever!

McKenzie Frazier

This is a great property management company.

They do everything- we are completely hands off and just get a deposit once per month. Highly recommend!

Deanna Scott

I was a new Real Estate investor, unschooled in the terminology and practice of searching for investments vs residential properties.

Jeff Clawson introduced himself to me, walked me through the process, and confidently guided me from "curiosity" to "closing" in under 3 months. At every step he was responsive, clear, and courteous, never going for the most expensive property and in many cases even talking me out of higher-priced ones that might not be the best fit for me. In the end I found a fantastic deal on a 4-plex, and Jeff pulled out all the stops to make sure closing went smoothly. Now Jeff is my property manager, and have thus far done an awesome job of keeping me informed, but shielding me from the day-to-day of managing the property--they handle the 3am phone calls, not me. I went into this arrangement looking for a passive income stream, and I'm confident that Jeff has put me on the path to long-term growth and stability. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks Jeff!

Marcus M.

My experience so far with AustinVestors has been a good one.

Maintenance request weren't hard and the house itself was very clean at move in. The online portal makes rent payment easy. Good experience so far.

Cody Smart

I contacted AustinVestors after having a very very difficult tenant that I no longer felt comfortable managing myself.

They cleared up my situation and have now found the best tenant that has been in my property for over three years now. They are diligent and require every possible tenant to go through a thorough background check and rental history and has all around put my mind at ease. Thanks guys.

Natalia Flores

I am 100% satisfied with the fiduciary relationship I have with my Round Rock property manager AustinVestors.

It's a name you can trust.

David Kemp

My husband and I recently moved into a house managed by Austinvestors.

We are very happy with our new home, and our overall experience with them. We were very impressed how smoothly they made the move in process, and have been pleased with management since. The house itself has also been a dream! My boys can't say enough about their new backyard!! Thanks AustinVestors!!

Kathryn B.

I really enjoyed renting an AustinVestors property!

Every interaction I had with the staff was prompt, professional and kind. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent a home in Austin.

Rachel Nelson

Forrestt helped us find a rent home.

We looked at homes on Trulia and contacted several agents who were named as the main contact on a property and I would never hear back. We did hear back from one man and he was incredibly rude and pretty inflexible. Finally, we lucked out on reaching Forrestt because he was listed as a the main agent for a property we wanted to view. He was on the phone with us within ten minutes, talking to us about eligibility and scheduling a showing. We didn't end up going with that house but continued to use Forrestt. He was very responsive via email, phone and text. He had a flexible schedule when we wanted to view homes and he walked us through the application and eventual approval process. We can't thank Forrestt enough for helping us through what could have been a really stressful time! We love our new home. Next time we rent or buy, Forrestt will be one of our first phone calls.

Ellen B.

We've had nothing but great experiences with the folks at AustinVestors (thanks Mindy!

). The application process was easy and they were quick to respond. The people there are always friendly and helpful - and very responsive to my (sometimes picky) requests. Service to customers is truly a value they take seriously.

Lloyd McMullen

Jeff and everyone at AustinVestors has been just wonderful to work with over the last 3 years.

They are professional and so far, they've taken good care of everything for me being a long distant investor.

Bronco B.

As an investor, I have leveraged Jeff's broad experience and expertise in the real estate market to evaluate, buy, and manage multifamily and distressed residential properties.

He understands the legal and financial perspectives of an investment, as well as the motivations of sellers (including banks selling REO properties). He has also helped me network with other investors, bankers, and contractors to help me build and manage my real estate investments. I highly recommend Jeff for first-time and experienced investors alike.

Brian B.

Great experience with these guys, no issues.

Highly recommend.

Hans Battle

We have had a great experience renting a home that is managed by AustinVestors Property Management.

We have had to contact them several times for different things that have needed repaired in our rental home and they have always had it taken care of immediately. They are friendly and professional to talk to via phone and email.

Jenn Gehring

A company that provides outstanding service and has just plain good people.

I worked with Jeff when I was looking for a new property management company for my condo in Austin after I moved out of state. I had a horrendous experience with my previous company and was overjoyed when Jeff and AustinVestors was recommended to me. It would sometimes take me several weeks to get a response from my previous company, imagine my joy when I always received responses right away from Jeff - text, phone, email, etc. AustinVestors took wonderful care of my little place and when I decided to sell, I of course asked them to represent me as my realtor. Again, continued excellent, honest service - they made everything so easy and stress-free. If I ever move back to Austin, I look forward to using AustinVestors' services again. Good people and a great company!

Nina R.

I loved my time with Mindy.

Moving to a new area (Austin) and I had a million questions, she was so professional and had so much Texan charm to her. Unfortunately I didn’t end up renting from them, but I would 10 out of 10 use Mindy again. If you need help and are new to the area, she’s your girl.

Catherine Mirelez

I am really happy I found these people to manage my one small place.

Not having any more headaches is definitely worth the price. June 2019 and still very happy with Jeff and his crew. Highly recommended.

Mike Morgan

Happy with my choice here.

So confident that I moved out of town and did not give a second thought to my property as I believe AustinVestors will continue to be there taking proper care of both the property and the tenant.

D. W. Wieboldt

AustinVestors provides a first-class rental experience.

The transitions during tenant renewal are seamless, and Jeff and his team do a great job of securing courteous and reliable occupants. I would highly recommend AustinVestors to anyone looking to use a property rental company in the Central Texas area. Lastly, the folks at Austin Vestors have made themselves very available to answer any and all of my questions.

Grayson B.

Jeff has been a great resource for us over the years regarding property rentals and transactions.

He is very professional and knowledgeable in the local real estate market. He is great to work with, honest, not pushy, yet provides you the guidance you need. He is on top of every detail and makes sure the transaction is going well smoothly. Thanks so much Jeff!!

Marcus M.

I have been very pleased with my experience with Austinvestors.

They have managed my commercial property for about a year. Jeff and his team are efficient and very easy to work with. They take care of tenant maintenance issues quickly and have kept our occupancy rate very high and they rent out units quickly as they become available. After a nightmare experience with a previous apt management company, working with Austinvestors has been a fantastic experience, and a relief. I've done business with Jeff as a real estate agent for over 10 years (as both a buyers and sellers agent) and working with him and his team has been great.

Matt F.

I have been with Austin Vestors for over 5 years now.

I wouldn't recommend any other property management company.

Lauren Laird

We listed our home in the Behren's Ranch community for sale with Jeff of AustinVestors on 12/24/2014.

In less than 30-days we had multiple offers and signed a contract for an offer at above our targeted sales price. We closed in less than 60-days without a hitch. Jeff did a fantastic job of helping us ready the house for presentation and offered incredible contacts for quality and cost-effective small jobs we needed done for this preparation. Jeff ensured all details were covered from the home listing on every available site, to the marketing and open houses, then throughout the negotiations and following paperwork. A home on our block sat for sale for months over the summer and sold for significantly less than the sellers wanted while their "neighborhood" realtor failed to list and market the home aggressively. Jeff ensured there was no stone left unturned for our home sale, every lead was followed-up and every detail was covered for us - bringing a renewed success for our block! Jeff and his team are extremely experienced, committed, professional and will ensure you have success in meeting your goals. I highly recommend him and know you will be in safe hands with his help.

Kathy A.

Rented a property with AustinVestors back in Aug 2019 and just moved out last month.

The process of applying was super easy and all of it was online. I only had to go into the office to drop off security deposit check. When I had to do maintenance, submitting it online was super easy as well, and the maintenance person would reach out to you quick and schedule a day for repair. The online portal to make a payment and review your lease was very simple and easy to use. The staff was super friendly and attentive. Every time I had a question they would answer the phone and they would answer to my emails. I want to give a shout out to Mindy! She will take care of you! When we finally moved out we ran into some hiccups but AustinVestors took care of us! If you move out leaving the property in good clean condition you will receive your full security deposit just like we did. We recommend renting with AustinVestors. Thanks for helping us with our home fo a year!

Paul Lopez

So glad that we can breathe easy knowing that the team at AustinVestors is taking care of our home while providing quality service to tenants.

We have used the AV team from the "vacant rental" stage through the ongoing tenant lifecycle. Initially, we relied on the advice they provided to help us upgrade our home. We then appreciated the marketing -- not too aggressive, not too laissez faire. And finally, we are satisfied thus far with the ongoing management now that we have a tenant. We especially like the AppFolio software that keeps us informed about expenses and helps us prepare for tax season. Great job so far!

Julie C.

This team is super responsive on any item big or small.

Their web portal is amazingly simple and their staff is beyond friendly. Easily the best PM in the city. They represent owner and tenant fairly and equally.

Devin F.

I have been with the same landlord for two years and his choice in property management is second to none.

Thank you To Austin Vestors and their team on taking care of all my needs instantly. All their vendors were pros and took care of their tasks quickly and professionally. My landlord wasn’t always ready to fix repairs but this staff got them done as I expected. Wish I could take you w me but I bought a home. Good luck. 2020

Ken Moncebaiz

We appreciated renting with AustinVestors.

Moving in, the house was clean and communication was great. The move out expectations were clear and fair, we were always communicated well. We had never rented a house before and were anxious but this was a great experience.

Rachael Allison

AustinVestors has been the best property managers I’ve had by far.

Always responsive and helpful.

Taylor Roberts

Very professional team that was very effective in preparing our rental property and readily identifying high quality tenants for it, at a high end market price.

.. The level of communication with our management contact is excellent... We highly recommend AustinVestors to other parties, and would consider them again in the probable event of acquiring another rental property in the Austin area...

Juan Marie

Love the team!

They were very prompt in handling the repairs that were needed on the property for no additional fees and listing the property within just a couple of weeks. I think this is a great start and will go long way.

Neena M.

Great people to work with.

I highly recommend everybody at AustinVestors.

Brian Mathews

We’ve worked with AustinVestors since 2017.

Great service.

Michelle Wang
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