Troubleshooting Maintenance Issues

Prior to submitting a maintenance request, please review our policies and procedures below. There are some useful maintenance videos included on this page. Many common problems can be quickly resolved by the tips in these videos. If you are unable to correct the problem and still wish to submit a maintenance request, you may do so by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. All repairs must be in writing and submitted through the link on this page. We will not accept repair requests over the phone. If thereis a fire or medical emergency, call 911 before calling our office.

Tenant’s General Responsibilities: Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, must:

(1) keep the Property clean and sanitary;

(2) promptly dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles;

(3) supply and change heating and air conditioning filters at least once a month;

(4) supply and replace all light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and batteries for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, garage door openers, ceiling fan remotes, and other devices (of the same type and quality that are in the Property on the Commencement Date);

(5) maintain appropriate levels of necessary chemicals or matter in any water softener;

(6) take action to promptly eliminate any dangerous condition on the Property;

(7) take all necessary precautions to prevent broken water pipes due to freezing or other causes;

(8) replace any lost or misplaced keys;

(9) pay any periodic, preventive, or additional extermination costs desired by Tenant, including treatment for bed bugs, unless otherwise required by law;

(10) remove any standing water;

(11) know the location and operation of the main water cut-off valve and all electric breakers and how to switch the valve or breakers off at appropriate times to mitigate any potential damage;

(12) water the foundation of the Property at reasonable and appropriate times

Landlord will NOT pay to repair the following items unless caused by Landlord’s negligence:

(a) conditions caused by Tenant, an Occupant, or any guest or invitee of Tenant;

(b) damage to doors, windows, and screens;

(c) damage from windows or doors left open;

(d) damage from wastewater stoppages caused by foreign or improper objects in lines that exclusively serve the Property;

(e) items that are cosmetic in nature with no impact on the functionality or use of the item; and

By Clicking and Submitting a Maintenance Request, You Have Read and Agree to the Above Stated Terms and Conditions

Many common problems can be resolved by the Tenant. Please read through the following tips to see if you can fix the problem yourself before submitting a maintenance request.

Heat or Cooling Air Filter

Garbage Disposal

  • Turn the disposal ON and listen. Is it completely quiet, or does it make a slight humming noise?
  • If it makes no noise, try using the “RESET” button located on the bottom of the disposal. Push the button all the way in and then try using the disposal again to see if that fixes the problem.
  • If the disposal makes a humming noise but does not spin, it is probably jammed. Try looking inside with a flashlight to see if anything is visibly stuck.
  • Unplug the disposal underneath the sink to ensure it has no power. Use long pliers or another grabbing tool to remove any items jammed in the blades. Do not stick your hand inside!
  • Put a broom handle or wooden spoon inside the disposal. Try giving it a gentle twist to break the blades loose. Do not use extreme force.
Loss of Electricity

  • Look for a GFI plug, which is typically in locations near water like the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. The GFI is designed to “trip” or cut electrical power in case of a short, like when you drop a curling iron in the bathtub. You can reset the GFI by pressing the “RESET” button in the middle. You may have to push the “TEST” button and then the “RESET” before it will turn back on.
  • There may be more than one GFI. Sometimes the GFI is actually on the circuit breaker, so be sure to check the panel for problems, as well.
  • There may not be any GFI plugs in homes built before 1970.
Smoke Detector Doesn't Work or Chirps

  • Normally the smoke alarm will emit a beeping sound when the batteries are not working or losing their charge.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every thirty days.
  • If a unit fails a test, change the batteries.
  • If a new battery does not work, submit a work order.
  • Do not disconnect, remove, or otherwise disable a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector.
The Sink is Clogged

Toilet is Clogged

Refrigerator Issues

Watch the video below for the most common problems and some suggested solutions. If you can’t find and fix the problem on your own, submit a maintenance request. Be sure to include the make and model number. You can typically find this information on a white label just inside the fridge door.

Oven Problems
  • Check the “Time-bake” setting on the unit. If the oven is in “Time-Bake” mode it will not heat.
  • Is the oven in self-clean mode?
  • If the oven does not work in Bake mode, try turning it to Broil and see if it works.
  • Did you accidentally switch the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius?
  • You can also attempt to find the User Manual by searching Google for the make and model.
Circuit Breaker Continually Goes Off

Check to see if too many appliances are running. Common culprits include high-energy devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, clothes dryers, toasters, curling irons, blow dryers, computers, printers, or space heaters.

Air Conditioning

  • Is the thermostat set to “COOL” and fan set to “AUTO”?
  • Is the temperature adjusted low enough?

If the unit is running but only blows warm air, try these tips:

  • Check the filter. See video link below for details.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure your temperature is turned down low enough.
  • Check the condenser line. This is a copper line about as thick as a pencil and located outside next to the blower. It should be warm to the touch. If it is hot then you need to check the blower fan outside.
  • Locate the blower and ensure the fan on top is running. If not, you can try to start it by pushing it with a pencil or ruler. Fans sometimes get stuck after long periods of no use. Do not use your fingers!
  • You can also check the condenser coil, located on the sides of the blower housing. If they appear dirty, turn the whole system off and then clean the coils by spraying with a garden hose. Do not use a pressure washer as it may cause damage to the system. Light pressure is sufficient.

If the air conditioner is not running at all:

  • Ensure the system is turned on. There is an ON/OFF switch that may be accidentally moved to the OFF position. You may even try turning it OFF and then back to ON.
  • Check your circuit breakers. They sometimes trip during hot weather or if a circuit overloads.
  • Check the on/off switch on the blower.

NOTE: If a repairman is scheduled to service the unit, please turn it off completely. It may need a couple hours to defrost before anyone can work on it. By turning it off you will save the technician a lot of time.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Disconnect all garden hoses from exterior water valves. Drain and store hoses for the winter.
  • Close inside valves supplying hose bibs. Then open exterior hose bibs to allow excess water to drain off and keep the valve open so any remaining water can expand without bursting the pipe.
  • Keep exterior doors closed to protect interior pipes.
  • Keep cabinets open underneath sinks to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
  • Do not let the temperature drop below 55 degrees inside the home.
  • Notify AWR any time you intend to leave the home empty for longer than 24 hours.
Shower or Tub Drain is Clogged

Reset a Garage Door Remote Control

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Jeff ClawsonJeff Clawson (Broker/Owner)

Jeff Clawson has been a lifelong Central Texas Resident. Jeff was raised in Williamson County near Georgetown and Liberty Hill. Jeff graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000 and obtained a Texas  Real Estate license in 2002. Noticing a need for honest and reliable property management services, Jeff founded AustinVestors Property Management in 2006 and has since leased and sold over 1000 homes in the Austin area. Jeff has a passion for real estate investing and truly believes that real estate is the best vehicle for long term wealth creation. Jeff currently resides in Georgetown with his wife and business partner, Ashley Clawson and their 3 children, Harper, Beckett, and Asher. In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and in the outdoors.

Ashley ClawsonAshley Clawson (Business Manager/REALTOR®)

Ashley was raised in Round Rock, Texas and graduated from Texas State University with a BS in Early Childhood Education. After her time in the classroom, she went on to obtain her Texas Real Estate license and joined AustinVestors as the business manager.

Ashley has found great joy in the real estate world. From investing to flipping residential & commercial spaces, handling short term rentals, and walking alongside her husband, Jeff, in the property management sector.

In her spare time, Ashley’s top priority is raising their 3 children, Harper, Beckett & Asher. She enjoys traveling, hiking, exploring the city, staying active, and spending time with friends & family.

Tyler WorleyTyler Worley (Leasing Agent/REALTOR)®

Tyler Worley was born in Dallas, Texas and raised just north of Austin, in Georgetown, Texas. After graduating from Georgetown High School, Tyler attended Baylor University and earned a degree in communications.  After graduation, he interned for ESPN and eventually accepted a job with the University of Texas athletics department working with The Longhorn Foundation.

In 2015 Tyler left UT to pursue other interests and decided to seek a career as a Realtor in 2016. Tyler joined AustinVestors in 2017 as a leasing agent. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys traveling, exploring new places, golfing, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.


Mindy QuinonesMindy Quinones (Property Manager)

Mindy joined our team in July 2016 after relocating back to her home state of Texas after 23 years in South Florida. For 17 years in Florida, Mindy flourished in the customer service industry which has made her a great asset to AustinVestors. Mindy first started as a property services inspector and worked her way up the company where she is currently the lead property manager. She also obtained her Real Estate License in January 2018 in order to further her career with in AustinVestors property management.  

Mindy likes to spend her free time with her two sons, friends & family. She loves the outdoors and thoroughly enjoys watching football. Go Cowboys!

Luke ValerioLuke Valerio (Leasing Agent/REALTOR®)

Luke grew up around North Austin where he has lived for more than 20 years.  He began his career in Information Technology serving the state of Texas shortly after obtaining an AAS in Network Administration from Austin Community College.

His love of the city and customer service skills led him to real estate where he realized his passion resided. He obtained his Texas Real Estate License in 2018 and has loved working in the industry ever since he joined AustinVestors.


Jami HarrisonJami Harrison (Assistant Property Manager)

Jami has been in the real estate industry going on 13 years. She started her career working for a manufactured home company and has now worked in all aspects of the field. Property management has always been the fore font of her interest in real estate, which is what lead her to AustinVestors. She started as an administrative assistant and is now working as an assistant property manager. 

Jami has the joy of being called mom by her four beautiful children who inspire her every day. In her free time, she is usually at the lake with her family and friends. She loves to watch HGTV and is a huge Fixer Upper fan. Her DIY spirit takes her to antique shops and flea markets to find ideas and pieces of furniture she can refurbish.


Forrestt EubanksForrestt Eubanks (Business Development/Realtor®)

Forrestt moved to Austin in 1989 and has been active in the real estate industry for 24 years as a contractor, title professional and Realtor®. He has vast experience from which to help his clients navigate the entire transaction. Forrestt will be a true partner in the process, believing that the personal touch matters. He is a Realtor dedicated to dependable, proactive and attentive first-class service. 

Forrestt began his career as a Realtor with AustinVestors in 2013 initially working with buyers and tenants to find the perfect home. Having earned his CIAS (Certified Investor Agent Specialist) designation, Forrestt now works with our investor/owner clients helping them in all aspects of their investment portfolio’s. In addition to helping them buy or sell properties, he also markets their properties for lease and works closely with contractors on improvements or upgrades to maximize their return on their investments. 

In his spare time, Forrestt enjoys spending time with his family/friends and loving on his dogs, Ava & Diogie. He loves to cook and has been known to fire up his smoker with a great slab of brisket when he has time for the low and slow they require. However, his favorite food is Mexican Food and he enjoys it often! At home or on the go, he always has music playing and may dance when no one’s looking. One thing’s for sure, Forrestt is never bored!

Cameron RamirezCameron Ramirez (Property Services Manager/Realtor®)

Cameron was born in the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ and raised in Round Rock, Texas where he currently resides. In the middle of 2017 he began working with AustinVestors as their Property Services Manager, and towards the end of the year he acquired his Texas Real Estate License thus making him a licensed Realtor®. His attention to detail and great love for the city of Austin has made him a fundamental part of the team.

When Cameron is not working he likes to attend live music events, be adventurous out in nature, travel around the world, and most importantly spend quality time with his friends & family. His love for food has expanded his horizons when it comes to trying new, bizarre, and out of the norm cuisines.


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If you are applying with a pet, please include a photo of the pet with your rental application. An additional pet deposit will be required for each pet. Maximum allowable number of pets is 2, but some properties may be limited to only 1 pet, or no pets.

Management Services:

Kira DavisKira Davis (Trust Accountant)

Kira is a jack of all trades.  She has work experience in child care, sales, administration, accounting, and electronics. She met her husband while in the Navy, stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Their daughter was born there too.  She is originally from Minnesota but moved to Texas with her husband after leaving the military.  The latest adventure is in the real estate industry as our trust accountant with AustinVestors.  

She is currently a student at Texas State University pursuing an accounting degree and later a CPA.  Kira enjoys spending time with family.  Hobbies include, puzzles, reading, and crafts, when time allows.